Requirements for Emergency Appointment 

In Order to qualify for Emergency Appointment, any of the following must apply to you:

*Your Parent, Sibling or Child death, grave illness or life threatening accident 

*You are seeking urgent medical treatment for you or your child 

*Urgent Business purposes that occur earlier than visa Appointment date available 

*Please note you must meet any of the above to qualify for an emergency date at the usa embassy*

Whatsapp us


*Your Valid Passport and 1 passport size photos 

*Proof of Accommodation(Address in the usa)

*Relative Death Certificate/funeral Arrangements or a letter from attending Physician or Hospital 


*if you or your child needs urgent medical care a doctors note from your doctor here and also confirmation from doctor in the usa with source of funds to pay for medical care 


*A letter confirming proof of urgent business meeting 

Documents must be emailed to [email protected] or whatsapp to 8765031092

Cost 253usd


Step 1- Once reviewed and okay we will request payment via any of our payment method that is convenient to you.

Step 2- Once payment is confirmed we will begin processing of your application and send to you for online review.

Step 3- Once Revision is completed, We submit your application and schedule emergency embassy appointment.

Step 4-Document preparation and interview preparation is then conducted to ensure you're fully ready.

Step 6- Attend Your Embassy Appointment

Click to Pay with Debit/Credit Card

Pay with NCB

NCB USD-Account Name: Travelwithkimmie

Account Number: 435820913

Branch: Fairview

NCB JMD Account Name: Travelwithkimmie

Account Number:435820867

Branch: Fairview


Pay with ScotiaBank

Scotia USD -Account Name: Kimona Myrie

Account Number: 000416986

Branch: Ironshore

Scotia JMD- Account Name: Kimona Myrie

Account Number: 000411611

Branch: Ironshore


Pay with JN Bank USD

Account Name: Kimona Myrie

Account Number 2094152203


Pay with VMBS JMD

Account Name: Kimona Myrie

Account Number: 565911568


Pay with ZElle

Account Name: Kimona Myrie

Email: [email protected]m


Please Note: We do not accept visa payments via Paypal

Reasons your Emergency Visa Can be Refused

-Lack of Supporting documents to prove your Emergency Situation

-Lack of Ties to Home Country

-Too many Family Ties in the USA