Interview Waiver for Kids under 14

For kids to qualify for interview waiver all the below must apply

*They must be under 14 years old

*They must have never been denied a visa before

*They must be physically Present in Jamaica

*Both parents must be living outside of the USA

*Atleast one parent must have a valid usa visa

*Please note your child must meet all the above to qualify for interview waiver, if not a regular interview is required*

If your child qualifies please send the below information 

-1 clear pic of child passport 

-Mother and father full names and date of births

-Person child will be staying with address, full name, phone number and relationship to child

-child current address, email address ,social media account (Facebook , Instagram, etc) and contact number for parent

-Exact intended date of Arrival and departure 

- name and relationship to person taking child to the USA from Jamaica

- have the child ever been issued a visa or been in the USA 

- have anybody ever filed for the child?

- information for The person paying for the child trip (name, address and email) 

Information must be emailed to [email protected] or whatsapp 8765031092

Complete Process 

-Upon receiving the above documents we will email or call to confirming receipt 

-We then begin child application and send child documents back to you for review

-Once reviewed and okay, we will submit application to the embassy

-After submitting to the embassy we will email your child documents to take to nearest embassy drop off along with child passport

-After Dropping off your child documents you are required to wait on the embassy to get back to you with pick up instructions(within 7-14 business days)

Please note: No Interview is required

Cost 215usd per child

Reasons a Child waiver Can be refused

-Parents Travel History

-Address/Person child is visiting not being in good -Standing

-Child not qualified for Interview Waiver

-At least one parent not having a valid USA visiting visa

-A parent being removed from the USA or visa revoked